How does earthing benefits us?

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When brimming with electrons, our bodies, particularly the immune system, work at their best. Since our feet house the muscular webbing known as fascia, the simple act of walking barefoot helps absorb energy that promotes healing for the entire body. A practice popularly known as earthing, this growing trend has allowed many of us to experience its amazing effects by encouraging us to stay connected with the Earth by abstaining from shoes and sidewalks. As Mother Earth continues to be honored and celebrated by a handful of indigenous cultures and enthusiasts, it is best to understand the importance of why we choose earthing sleeping mats

As the simplest way to take in the Earth's electromagnetic charge, literally keeping your bare feet on the ground allows you to appreciate our planet while basking on its nourishing and healing effects. Since our bodies are primarily composed of minerals and water, pressing our bodies into the soil, against the grass, and through grains of sand, allows energy to course through our body and promotes balance. Having long been considered as the map of the entire body, here a few of the benefits of having the bottoms of your feet directly connected to Earth.

Improves Pain Management And Sleep

A rush of negative electrons from the earth calms the nervous system by shifting from its "fight or flight" to the less taxing "rest and relax" response. Known to normalize the stress hormone cortisol, earthing greatly influences the nervous system's activity resulting in a decrease in the risks of various chronic health conditions, better pain management, and nights of undisturbed sleep.

Enhances The Immune And Inflammation System

Now that we already know how earthing improves our cortisol levels, it is important that we understand how it positively affects our inflammatory response, as well as the body's immune system. Since an increase in cortisol may lead to systemic inflammation in the body, its ability to keep your cortisol in check can no doubt improve the inflammatory system's reaction.

Also, the negative electrons transmitted through earthing helps combat free radicals that generate from inflammatory factors as they try to counter stress, infection, injury, and trauma. By keeping these free radicals in control, the healing takes place at a much faster rate, keeping cells and tissues in excellent condition and decreasing the risk for infections, cancer, and chronic pain conditions that lead to a decline in health.

Keeps Free Radicals In Check

By responding to threats such as cell damage, infection, inflammation, trauma, and stress, our immune system inadvertently produces harmful free radicals that can ultimately affect our health. Earthing is perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective means to repel such destructive forces as the negative electrons that we capture from the earth do not only suppress the free radicals but also support the immune system. Putting a balance on the electronic potential between our body and the earth turns our bodies into an extension of the planet's magnetic field, reducing and pushing electrical fields away from the body.

Better Circulation

Known to help deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues in your body, earthing can greatly improve the blood flow starting from your face all the way down to your toes. By affecting a person's circulation and overall health, earthing has made it possible for such an intricate reaction to come from the simple act of pressing yourself on the ground to allow the planet's natural healing powers to finish the job.

With its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation, earthing allows electrons to rejuvenate and power our vital organs to help synchronize the systems of our body. By stimulating our bodies to produce and receive electrical energy further, it enables us to cleanse, mend, and revert to our healthy state quickly and efficiently.

Reconnecting With Mother Earth

Although the practice of earthing to improve health and well-being is relatively new, past cultures have gone barefoot to allow the Earth's energy to rise into their bodies. While we may have lost contact with our electrical roots, it is not yet late to try to reconnect. Believed to be the cause of several human pains and discomforts, going barefoot outdoors, even for only a short period, can help avert the rising incidence of chronic illnesses worldwide.

Since sitting, standing, walking, or lying down on soil, grass or sand is relatively easy, the real challenge lies in how you can include this awesome healing energy technique into your daily routine. However, as most of us find it difficult to squeeze in a little barefoot-in-the-great-outdoors time, indoor options have incredibly arisen, encouraging us to harvest the Earth's electromagnetic gifts. As it effectively addresses the challenges of a busy schedule, cutting-edge companies like Grooni have come up with creative grounding products that allow you to reap the benefits of earthing while you work, relax, or sleep.

Designed to add consistency into your earthing habits with little to no effort, the state-of-the-art sleeping mat can go under your fitted sheets guaranteeing hours of grounding which may result in better sleep quality and energy levels. Easy-to-use by the fact that sleeping mats are imperceptible, our earthing sleeping mats, which come in single or double, promise not only to increase your energy and vitality but also reduce muscle tension and headaches, as well as lower the risk of developing hormonal symptoms or chronic pain. Regarded as the most efficient and most reviewed product in our arsenal, these awesome sleeping mats ensure client satisfaction to the max.


While there are a plethora of ways to encourage earthing, a range of grounding materials have been crafted to promote this fascinating healing method. Although the simplest and most practical way to practice this approach is to walk barefoot on the ground, tools like our earthing sleeping mat can help you harvest the healthful negative charges of the earth even while you sleep.


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