Skeptical About Earthing? Go Outside Barefoot!

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Over the years, many people have expressed their skepticism in one way or another about Earthing.

Our stock answer is this: Don’t believe us. Just go outside and sit, stand, or stroll barefoot on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete, weather permitting, of course.  Do it for a half-hour or hour.  Be aware of how you feel before and how you feel after as far as pain or stress are concerned.

People with pain tend to feel the difference the most. The pain goes down, a result of grounding reducing inflammation.

It’s a simple experiment that puts you immediately in touch with the Earth’s natural, nurturing electric charge.  This is the energy that humans have experienced throughout time on a daily basis before they put on rubber- and plastic-soled shoes and stopped sleeping on the ground, and in the process disconnected themselves from an important aspect of Nature.

We’ve received a number of emails from individuals describing the rapid benefits they felt as a result of doing this simple experiment and reconnecting with the Earth outside.  Here are several excerpts.

● Linda Olk, 65, a former law office receptionist in North Carolina, first wrote to us in November 2012:

“Just this past week, I stopped into a small used bookstore, and found a book with the title ‘Earthing.’  It popped out in front of my eyes as if it was the only book in the place. I wasn’t even looking to buy anything, and really couldn’t figure out why I had gone in.  Of course, I bought it, flipped through it, and did a little outdoor Earthing that same day.

“I have been Earthing now for almost a week, sitting about an hour outside in the morning sun, leaning against a tree. Over 35 years ago, I was in a car accident and there was a lot of damage in my right leg that left me with frequent and moderate pain as well as a feeling of being off-balance.  There was also back, shoulder, and neck pain.  After just sitting in the grass, I started feeling a lot of activity, like tingling, in that entire leg, and got up feeling released, cleaned up, straightened up…well, you know, and am feeling continually better.

“I have always liked the outdoors and take my dogs out into the yard every morning, only now I do it with my shoes off.  It’s a little chilly in the mornings, so I’m getting myself an Earthing mat and sheet to use when I absolutely can’t make myself get out there barefoot!”

In June, 2013, Linda wrote us again:

“The leg pain, as well as the back, shoulder, and neck pain are gone.  Within a few weeks or a month, I just kept feeling better and better. Prior to Earthing, I had been doing some energy work, and corrected my diet, but when I started paying attention to my Earth connection, it’s like everything just ‘popped.’

“Recently, I realized that I don’t get concerned about overdoing it with anything.  If I feel like I did, I know any discomfort will be gone by morning after sleeping on the bed sheet, and it always is!

“I have begun kayak paddling and hoist that wonderful boat up onto my car.  I recently bought a brand new old-fashioned reel mower and have been cutting my own lawn greens!  I also have ripped up old linoleum that was in my kitchen and am laying new tile…well, it IS peel n stick, but it’s still some work.  I do these things on my own!  My stamina has increased, to me, dramatically, after being treated for adrenal burnout for years. I really have little concern about the adrenal issue returning.  I sleep very well and on a good schedule.

“I am completely convinced that Earthing is a huge part of feeling so good and like I’m in my second childhood. I use the mat inside during the day, and the bed sheet.  I go barefoot as much as possible outside.  My dogs are outside on the ground a lot now that it’s warm here.  My 8-year old dog seeks out the mat while she’s inside.  Sometimes I’m lucky to get my two feet onto it!

“I think I’ve gotten so used to feeling good, I almost take it for granted!  Wow.”

● “WOW! Just walked around the park BAREFOOT for 20 minutes. The cracking in my neck and the tightness in my shoulders went away. Who knew that going back to my childhood where I walked barefoot everywhere in the summer could make such a big difference.”

●  “I took my grandma to walk barefoot on grass and she felt amazing and slept well the entire week, and she told me it’s the first time she touched the ground barefoot in 20 years.

● From Elizabeth Astor, who teaches Earth Sciences at a California high school:

“For the last week I have been sitting daily on my front porch with my feet in the grass for about 30 minutes.  The very first thing I noticed was related to sleep.  When I get up now in the morning, I am not as ‘groggy’ as before. The difference started immediately.  I awake at 6 and am ready to hit the ground running.

“The second thing I noticed relates to digestion.  Food seems to move through me at an easier pace. Not to get too personal, but let’s just say, my pants fit better!  This was also immediate – in a few days.

“I belong to a wine group and we plan food and wine dinners. I cook every night and have organic produce delivered to my house.  In the past, if I had more than one glass of wine, I would be up from about 2:30 to 4:00 a.m.  That stopped immediately when I started Earthing.  I truly believe in the health benefits of red wine (chocolate is part of that story too), but I know as I have aged (I am 48), wine affects me differently.  But, when I sit outside for 30 minutes, it was like I never drank at all.  Earthing basically negated any negative aspects of drinking wine.”

● From a woman in Trinidad-Tobago:

“My neighbor is not my friend. I know that sounds strange. She is a meddling old widow who does and says things to make my life miserable. However I am her opposite, so when I saw her hobbling around her yard with her walking cane I stopped to ask her how her recovery was coming along and she mentioned having pain and her movement was limited.

“The Earthing book was fresh in my mind so I tried to explain as best as I could the benefits of sitting out in the yard with her feet in the grass. She took to the idea and I saw her doing just that on evenings. Then after a few days I saw her walking without her cane and I asked her how her knee was feeling. She said that it was feeling much better and that the swelling had gone down. I felt happy inside that she took my advice and as far as I can see she is much improved.”


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