What is Earthing?

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Earthing (or grounding, both words will be used interchangeably) is a practice whereby individuals are put in direct contact with the surface of the Earth. It includes walking barefoot outdoors, swimming in oceans and lakes, or sleeping, working and relaxing indoors with bare skin in contact with conductive earthing mats, earthing bed sheets, earthing pillows, earthing body bands and patches in order to maintain the body at Earth’s electric potential.


Unlike past cultures, most people today, particularly in industrial societies, rarely are in contact with the surface of the Earth. They wear shoes with synthetic soles that insulate them from the Earth’s electric charge, and they no longer sleep on the ground. The Earth’s negative electric surface charge is a virtually limitless reservoir of free electrons that is constantly replenished by the global atmospheric electric circuit. The Earthing hypothesis states that when direct skin contact is made with the Earth’s surface or with a grounded products indoors, the body’s electric potential equalizes with the Earth’s potential thereby maintaining the body’s access to the Earth’s negative surface charge (electrons). This contact with the Earth naturally prevents buildup of static electric charge on the body and allows the body to store a supply of electrons.


How can we get grounded?

Realyou use Earthing sheet to take the earth into your home, you can connect to the Earth everyday via realyou Earthing sheet. A healthy way to reconnect with the earth, make Earthing mat be a part of your life.


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