Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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● From Karen Blaine, 66, Yakima, WA (2020): “I first heard of Earthing from my younger sister who said she and her husband tried all the Earthing products. They have both been fighting autoimmune issues, inflammation, and lack of sleep. They have 5 adult children who are also Earthing. My sister told me this is something absolutely incredible, and knowing all the health issues I have had for years, she wanted to share it with me immediately! I spent 15 years in a literal nightmare locked up in my body, from chronic pain, chronic insomnia, terrible inflammation, PTSD, anxiety disorder. The list is long. I have had nine concussions over the course of my lifetime, just one too many injuries to my body, starting at a very early age.

I started using the smaller Earthing mat sitting at the kitchen table with both bare feet on the mat twice a day an hour each time. In 5 days, I was out of pain, and the feeling in my head was that of total clarity. I was sleeping at least 4 hours a night, which is better than no sleep. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

“I then decided to try the bed mat. That was the ticket to freedom! In maybe 3 weeks if that, I was sleeping each night 7-8 hours straight, waking up with ZERO pain, I could not believe what was happening! I started going barefooted outside, either in the grass, or on dirt.

“I have now been using both these products for about 5 weeks, and I will use them until it’s time for me to leave this Earth! The Earthing book has literally saved my life, and given me freedom from all of my ailments. I have shared the book, and all the links to the earthing products with about 30 of my friends. They have all ended up Earthing now, and thanking me, but in my heart, the thanks do not belong to me, it was the Lord and the men that wrote this incredible book.

“As far as my younger sister’s family goes, they are doing much better. Four of her five children, aged 21-38, have been dealing with a variety of major health issues, including childhood diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders like MS and lupus, as well as anxiety and PTSD.

“All of the children have been Earthing almost 2 months now, and my sister says the results are nothing short of a miracle! The pain and inflammation are totally gone from their bodies, they are all getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. The autoimmune diseases are slowly but surely disappearing.

“All this has been truly an answer to prayer, so thank you to all of you for getting the word out about Earthing, It completely changed our lives. God Bless you all for this genuine true miracle!!”

● From Michelle Martin (2022): “Just started using a grounding mat for PTSD. My triggers were out of control. For 3 days now I haven’t had any anxiety and things that would normally trigger me don’t. Almost feels like I am emotionally flat after having so many panic attacks a day for awhile now. I am completely sold. Feels like my ability to self regulate has been restored!


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