Tencel Lyocell Duvet Cover

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3 Sides Zipper Duvet Cover, Tencel Lyocell Duvet cover, Triple-zip system for simple changing duvet cover, Softest 100% Natural 90x90 Inches

Installation steps:

1. Open all zippers 

2. Place the quilt in the middle of the interlayer and lay it flat 

3. pull up the whole zipper

Featuring our triple-zip system, 4 corner ties, Fast & Easy Duvet Cover Change

Ridiculously simple, ridiculously comfortable.

Super Convenient: Extra Long Invisible Zipper, Opens up on three. The zippers are very easy to use and make cover changing a breeze.

1 Super simple to do on your own

2 Easier on your back, arms, and sanity! 

3 Better than quality cotton

4 Our Tencel Lyocell Duvet cover gets softer overtime

5 Can position the 4 corners of the duvet

Softest, 100% Natural

Tencel fabric is a textile fabric made of sustainable wood as raw material and made through a series of processes. It helps people sleep better, is chemical-free during processing, beneficial to health. It has the smooth touch and softness of silk, and it has excellent color fixing and is not easy to fade. In terms of appearance, it has the luxurious beauty of wool fabrics and the drape of the modal.


It take you ten to fifteen minutes in the past, now you achieved in two or three minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Super soft

Probably the best duvet I have in my house. I love it.

Best Cooling Sheets

These are sooooo good, very soft, perfect for hot summer nights, didn’t break a sweat even once, got sound sleep most importantly. totally recommend buying these!

Carlo Villania
Good quality for an amazing price!!

Such a steal for the quality of the duvet. Like most duvets it just gets better with every wash and as long as you're not over drying it, it keeps its softness and comfort perfectly. I usually keep a spray bottle of water in the case of some wrinkles to smooth it out, but just like any linen duvet it works amazing and it feels great.


buy 2 and rotate weekly. wash and dry the duvet itself twice a year. so easy to avoid mold, mites, mildew, etc. easy to change cover is essential.

Soo soft

This item feels beautiful on the skin, I got the most comfortable sleep, I struggled with how to put on the duvet so if you’re experienced with this it won’t be a problem other than that it’s perfect.

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