Portable Warmer Lunch Box (12V)


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About Manufacturer Portable Oven Personal Food Warmer that warms Leftovers and cooking raw food, with automatic overheating protection function, safe to use and noiseless.

Working Voltage: DC 12V
Dimension: 11.5inch x 9.1inch x 5.5inch
Automatic temperature up to 90 ℃(194℉)
Designed with an aluminum insulate bag and work with a car D/C cigarette lighter plug attachment, plug&play.

How to Use this Portable Oven?
1. Use container to pack prepared food
2. Place the container into the tote
3. plug the portable oven into an outlet, wait (Raw food: 2-3 hours, Leftovers: 30-40 minutes)
4. Eat and enjoy your meal!

Our bags Features:
✅ Easy to operate---Just plugin and use
✅ Easy to carry---This portable mini oven can be taken anywhere
✅ Enjoy delicious food -This only cooking raw food but also can reheat food

ATTENTION: Just put the plugin, Don't rotate, or it will break easily. And for your safety with your car, we are recommended that you do not use it on 24V trucks, but only on 12V cars. Plugging it into a 24V plug for a long time may cause overheating and Damage your car cigarette lighter.
After heating is completed, unplug and allow it to cool to room temperature before cleaning.
If the car food warmer doesn't work, please contact us immediately, we will try our best to help you!

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors? Bring your lunch with you anywhere you want to go!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Worked better than I thought

The electric lunch box heated up very nicely and heated up the food really well. It took about 10 minutes for the aluminum tray to get very hot and we stirred the food and the food was hot within 15-20 minutes. We warmed up beans, potatoes and some ground beef. Grant it, we only used it once and a family member took it home so I will be following up with her to check and see how the electric lunch box works for her kids. I was thoroughly impressed with my personal interaction with the lunch box. I don't know about it's durability but for the price, I think it was well worth.


I work in construction and this little magic box keep your food heated.. not warmed.. so you get hot food when it's time for lunch!! I have already bought a few of these as gifts for fellow co-workers... WINTER WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITH THIS LITTLE GADGET!

Must have for those who work on the road or out of a vehicle!

I am a service electrician and am almost never near a microwave for lunch. This mini oven is the best thing since sliced bread! I will never eat cold leftovers at work again! Ribs, soup, hot dish, steak, half of a smoked chicken! If it fits, it's hot! I do recommend using glassware. Glasslock & snapware both fit great.

Best Buy !

For on the go working on the road, husband is a truck driver so it’s the best thing to use for everyday on the road. Food is hot n ready Everytime
Don’t doubt this buy it!!!!

Doris Epps
This is one amazing product!!!

I love my electric lunchbox it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Not only does it reheat your food perfectly you also can create your own small meals in this electric lunchbox. Will not be disappointed. The price ranges are very good.

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