Portable Warmer Lunch Box (12V)


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About Manufacturer Portable Oven Personal Food Warmer that warms Leftovers and cooking raw food, with automatic overheating protection function, safe to use and noiseless.

Working Voltage: DC 12V
Dimension: 11.5inch x 9.1inch x 5.5inch
Automatic temperature up to 90 ℃(194℉)
Designed with an aluminum insulate bag and work with a car D/C cigarette lighter plug attachment, plug&play.

How to Use this Portable Oven?
1. Use container to pack prepared food
2. Place the container into the tote
3. plug the portable oven into an outlet, wait (Raw food: 2-3 hours, Leftovers: 30-40 minutes)
4. Eat and enjoy your meal!

Our bags Features:
✅ Easy to operate---Just plugin and use
✅ Easy to carry---This portable mini oven can be taken anywhere
✅ Enjoy delicious food -This only cooking raw food but also can reheat food

ATTENTION: Just put the plugin, Don't rotate, or it will break easily. And for your safety with your car, we are recommended that you do not use it on 24V trucks, but only on 12V cars. Plugging it into a 24V plug for a long time may cause overheating and Damage your car cigarette lighter.
After heating is completed, unplug and allow it to cool to room temperature before cleaning.
If the car food warmer doesn't work, please contact us immediately, we will try our best to help you!

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors? Bring your lunch with you anywhere you want to go!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Best thing I have ever purchased for my classroom! As a teacher I have 24 minutes to eat. Now I get the whole time because I don't have walk to the teacher's lounge, to wait for a microwave to open up, then wait for my food to warm up. I get to enjoy the entire 24 minutes now!

Truck drivers this is a must buy.

I'mp a truck driver and im on the road a lot and truck stop food was getting me fat and tiring. But now I'm able to bring food from home and it's easy to use. And it keeps your food nice warm.

Great gift for men who work on the road!

Bought this for my husband to take hot lunch to work every day instead of buying lunch or making sandwiches. It works perfectly. It cooks food quickly. Only need to plug in for 20-30 minutes to heat food… a little longer frozen foods. Plan to purchase for my father-in-law for his birthday. Great product!

Love my oven

Perfect little oven works just as they say

Works like a charm!

I’m a service plumber, and I wasn’t sure this product was going to work for me as I make multiple stops in a day. With a little planning on when to plug it in, I’ve been able to heat up my meals in the road. This is a must have if you are trying to cut down on the normal pitfalls of the road…. Ie fast food and convenience stores.

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