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Upgrade Grounding Therapy Wrist Support Brace

Different from the grounding mat, the upgraded grounding wrist strap of the laboratory is more convenient, affordable, and better to meet people's needs


-Improved sleep, reduced anxiety and tension, reduced headaches, reduced inflammation, increased energy, improved mood, clearer skin, thicker hair, faster recovery from exercise and injuries, stronger immune system, better circulation, protection against EMFs, and better focus.

What does grounding therapy mean?

- Grounding therapy is defined as touching the Earth with your skin, which establishes an essential connection that may promote good health and overall well-being! Our sleep pads enable you to receive the outside energy of the Earth while you sleep by utilizing the skin’s natural moisture as a conductor to absorb the Earth‘s energy throughout the night.

Use Doris Grounding products! They bring the electrons from the ground outside to you while you're INSIDE the safety and comfort of your home - quickly and easily.

Set includes:

1 grounding therapy wrist band,1 US Cord.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Curt. M
sleep quality much improved and even snoring less

Very impressed with the results so far as I am sleeping better, snoring way less and no more aches and pains in this 50+ year old body. Highly recommend.

gerson vargas
Great modality

I really like this product. It finally allows me to ground while sleeping or at the computer. And the price is right. For less than $30 you get one wrist strap and a ground cable. Great value.

Michael Wright
Restful sleep

This is a great product. Since using grounding, I sleep more soundly and am more relaxed. I have bought this product for family members and they love it too.

Kennth J Dillie
Best one I’ve owned.

No issues here, works like a charm!

Nena Cook
Works well for Grounding/Earthing ✨🌎✨

I’ve used this style of grounding strip for years now, and they work quite well (I’ve been struggling with multiple chronic illnesses, and immediately felt my Lyme-induced-inflammation/arthritis to be markedly better the very next morning)! I wash the wrist straps by hand with Dr. Bronners soap every now and then (since some sweat and grime can build up over a while). Though probably not recommended, I sleep with it on the hand that’s closest to the wall/plug-in, and have been able to train myself to not wake up tangled in it—these are waaay more affordable than the grounding bed fabrics (which also lose their conductivity after each wash—and they also need to be washed waaay more frequently than the simple straps).
All in all, I would definitely recommend you try these (even if it’s just to use for short sittings, like while you’re on the computer, etc).
*If you haven’t yet, I recommend you watch the “Grounded” documentary (which I believe is still free on Youtube); the practice of Earthin is ancient, yet can still stand to benefit from this timely practice (especially in our modern age of technological advancement, which is transcending faster than our poor bodies’ biology can keep up)! *Or you could of course just spend some time outside every day with your bare feet on the soil (but that’s just not really possible for those of us who are often too sick to get out of bed, or even if it’s just too darn cold to be barefoot in the Winter)!😘

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