WiFi Cover (11.5inch * 14.5inch)


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Package: 1pcs wifi cover (11.5IN * 14.5IN)


Attractive Features:
1.This wifi cover does well in reducing radiation and emf emitted from routers.

2.Two-opening design makes this router cover more adjustable as you like, when you use wifi and want more wifi signal, you could wrap only partial of the router; if you are sleeping or don’t need to use wifi, you could wrap the router completely.

3.Big size and lightweight which makes it suitable for most types of routers and very convenient to carry anywhere. Home, office, hotel, and any other place.

This wifi cover is absolutely a great choice to gift to your families and friends, it offers protection just like you protect your loved ones.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
EMF protection is important

I have my routers and other equipment near me. EMF meter goes off the charts. I use the cage and wrap my router in copper mesh. It helps.

Lourdes Arias
Quality is good

I used this to minimize radiation. Worked good. I would purchase again

Important product in today's world

Very satisfied.. gives me peace of mind with another way to protect my home.

Headache Disappear

It is very invisible and light, I used to get headaches in the mornings and since I've been using this cover my headaches have disappeared. It works wonders. Thank you

Good emf cover.

I was experiencing painful headaches and just an overall tension in my room completely unexplained. I researched the smart meter outside my room and came across this. I thought EMF radiation from the router will cause headaches and migraines. SO My husband bought this WiFi router cover for me, and it worked well. My headache has gone, and the tension in the room going. I sleep well after using this and it won’t block the wifi signal, that’s very nice.

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