WiFi Cover (11.5inch * 14.5inch)


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Package: 1pcs wifi cover (11.5IN * 14.5IN)


Attractive Features:
1.This wifi cover does well in reducing radiation and emf emitted from routers.

2.Two-opening design makes this router cover more adjustable as you like, when you use wifi and want more wifi signal, you could wrap only partial of the router; if you are sleeping or don’t need to use wifi, you could wrap the router completely.

3.Big size and lightweight which makes it suitable for most types of routers and very convenient to carry anywhere. Home, office, hotel, and any other place.

This wifi cover is absolutely a great choice to gift to your families and friends, it offers protection just like you protect your loved ones.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kyle Wright
Massive reduction in emf

My router is right beside my desk, the cover reduced the emf massively. Not sure if it’s a psychosomatic effect but I do feel less lethargic. Highly recommended!

It definitely works!

I haven’t had any internet issues such as, slow Wifi, or buffering until I bought this! I recommend it because the slowed down Wifi let’s me know it’s working! Definitely see and feel a difference

It works

Definitely bllocks

EVERYONE should know about RF wave dangers

If I hadn't had headaches, dizziness and forgetfulness that went away as soon as I downgraded my Cox internet from their highest output 3 years ago, I would not have believed it a problem. My apartment building just went bulk and Panoramic wifi is going to be handled through them with no other options for tenants. This level was not intended for SMALL spaces and is dangerous. Searching for a solution that did not include moving, I ordered this bag. I put it over the modem/router tower and a rubberband to close the top. Nothing wifi would connect! IT WORKS. I leave the top partially open and can get a signal, slightly slower. I also unplug it every night. GET THIS!

Jason LaFleur
Works perfectly and then some!

This thing is amazing! It does exactly what it says on the box and blocks out all the 5G, it keeps you safe from developing autism as a side effect of the Covid vaccine, it stops my kids from downloading porn on their computers, and it even stops me from getting so much spam email! Perfect 5/7 would buy again.

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