WiFi Cover (13.8 inch *15.7 inch)


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Package: 1 radiation protection wifi router cover

Benefits of this wifi cover:
1.It does no any effect of the signal transmission.
2.You don’t have to turn the wifi router off to reduce the radiation
3.It can 90% to 95% of the harmful EMF & RF Radiation emitted by your WiFi Router.
4.The fabric is breathable, it will not let the wifi router in a hermetic space.

Bad effect of radiation to us:
1.Radiation will affect human circulatory system, immunity, reproduction and metabolic functions.
2.Radiation Will affect the human cardiovascular system mainly manifested as palpitations, insomnia.
3.Radiation will affect the human reproductive system, such as lower sperm quality of men, spontaneous abortion of pregnant women, fetal malformation.
4.Radiation also has an adverse effect on the human visual system.

Although the wifi router radiation value it small , it will also have a great impact on human health after a long time.
Start with bits and pieces to give yourself and your families a healthier and greener home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Move over 10 foil, this thing works great

This thing blocks a lot of the RF frequency but still allows you to connect to your Wi-Fi, which is awesome. If you’re sensitive to those kind of things this may be a help to you

It works!

Easy to open up for extra strength to WIFI connections. Had it too closed and adjusted to have the crawl space dehumidifier pick up signals. Also blocked some of the HVAC WIFI, but adjusted with a more open top, works like a charm!

It works

I was not thinking this would do much at all but it really does work. We cannot get a Wi-Fi signal in certain parts of the house now when this shield is over the router.

Sarah Halfpipe
The 5G is no longer making me gay

Ever since I got the covid vaccine, I've been magnetic and very gay. My computer chip implant was also boosting all the 5g. Ever since installing this cage that says "smart" on it, I'm no longer magnetic and as straight as they come. Thanks to this little mesh box! Unfortunately, the wifi no longer works, but now the government can't track me walking back and forth from the couch to the fridge.

wi fi router guard

Very easy to set up.

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