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EMF Laptop protection pad, EMF Blocker Lap Desk, Laptop Heat Shield, Anti Radiation mat for Laptop, tablets, and phones
Size: 12’’*16’’
Color: Black
Material: Premium vegan leather, faraday fabric, anti-radiation aluminum foil

Our EMF laptop protector blocks:
The electromagnetic field (EMF)
Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR)
Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
Radiofrequency (RF) signals
Over 99% of Heat Emissions
99% of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation
99% Radio Frequency (RF)/ Microwave (MW) Radiation (from WiFi & Bluetooth)

Why do you choose our EMF laptop protector?
1. Our Laptop Radiation Protection Shield pad uses recognized scientific principles to protect your body from harmful EMF radiation generated by laptops and tablets.
2. Four layers of advanced shielding materials that can block up to 99% of EMF radiation.
3. It is light enough to be carried with you.

How to use it?
Put our anti-radiation laptop pad between your laptop or another device, using it as a comfortable laptop desk to help yourself shield yourself from a broad spectrum of potentially harmful radiation and heat emissions.

Our Laptop Radiation shield lap pad suits for:
1. Pregnant women, children, the old who are sensitive to EMF radiation.
2. People who often use laptops, tablets or mobile phones, etc electronic devices.
3. People who hope to reduce harmful radiation from electronic devices.

Package includes:
1*EMF & Radiation Protection
2*gel stick pads

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Travels well

It is what it says it is. Travel with it and it holds up fine.

Martin bergsteen
Works great

Very sturdy and for me it really blocks radiation etc.

Good purchase for laptop work.

So far so good. Keeps the legs cool while working with the laptop.

Good to know this device exist.

I like the fact that this was created and pray that it works.

It works

Such a great and modern design. Works for my migraines!

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