Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit (20FT)


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Dryer vent brush description

【Material】: Reinforced Nylon
【Length】:60cm(2ft)/rod , 10 rods, up to 20ft

Key Features:

NO Stuck, NO Loose Design !!!

High-Quality Nylon Bristle

● Reinforced high-quality nylon bristle
● Multi-layer arrayed, more efficient
● High-density materials, stiff & sturdy
● Hard-wearing and long lifespan

Mechanical Button Lock Design

● Easy to use, push and lock, press and release
● Chrome coated & anti-corrosion
● Avoid getting stuck in the vent
● No loose during any direction of rotation
● 4 direction punched fixation firmly and sturdy

Flexible Reinforced Rod

● Allow for up to 90-degree turns
● No stuck during working

Why dryer vent brush?

Clean dryer lint/ducts from inside the home to outside
Remove lint easily to reduce fire hazards
Reduce consumption of electric power
Help to prevent fire from lint/dust buildup
Unique helical brush head design for great efficiency and saves energy

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Did the job.

Did the job, and saved me about an hour of crawling in the crawl space. I would NOT recommend it to anybody with a lot of bends in their dryer vent, but mine is pretty much a straight shot. I have one 45 degree angle, and that's it. The brush negotiatiated that ok, and i even hooked my drill up to the end to get the whole thing clean. I give it an awesome A+.

Very durable

This tool worked perfectly to clean my dryer vent and all my neighbors.

lint remover

cleans very well

Irish hrangkhol
You don't need a new dryer, you need a clear vent!

I have two 45 degree angles between the roof and the ceiling to negotiate. Additionally, I have the old style T-vent on the roof which makes entry particularly difficult. I had to use all the strength in my hands and fingers to bend the brush into the vent. And the pole segments made the turns just fine. The different brush sizes and shapes made a huge difference for me. It took some work to clear out the lint debris, but now our dryer is running at 100% efficiency. This is one of those times that DIY saved hundreds in $$$'s just with the first use!!!

Well made

This is a well made piece of equipment and works well if you don't have sharp bends in the pipe

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