Chimney Sweep Kit (33FT)


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Our unique chimney brush is made of high-quality materials with a professional design. It can effectively and safely sweep away dangerous soot and creosote buildup from the bottom up inside of the house, helping prevent fire.

Package includes:
10 * 1m Flexible Rods with connectors
1 * Brush Head
1 * Drill Adapter
1 * Hex Key

1. Flexible Brush head
The flexible brush head of this chimney sweep tool is made of reinforced nylon rubber composite materials, making it has a long lifespan.
2. Special Helical Bristle
The durable bristle is made of helical nylon string with a rectangular shape. It can remove even the most stubborn build-up inside the chimney without damaging the pipe.
3. Durable Button Lock Rods
The rod is made of reinforced nylon which has a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to get through those tough flue bends.

Easy to use:
Step 1: Connect the rods one by one
Step 2: Attach the bristle with rods
Step 3: Put the brush into the flue
Step 4: Slide the rod into the flue
Step 5: Attach the drill with a rod
Step 6: Start cleaning

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great way to clean your chimney

I was amazed how well the product cleaned our Chimney. You have to block the entry like it recommends with cardboard and plastic, because it creates dust. I never thought it would clean that well. I used a wire type before and was hard to use.

Whoever invented this is my hero!!

Thank you thank thank you to the inventor. Now I don’t have to worry about my loved ones climbing on our roof to clean the chimney! This thing is so fast and easy to use! I didn’t believe it at first but after getting it and using it, I am sold!!! It didn’t even make a mess and I really thought it would. It works the best with two people.

So easy to clean the chimney by yourself!!!

LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Very flexible to go thru our two story offset joints. Can use WITHOUT a drill for a light cleaning. Only reason I did not give 5 stars throughout? The little chuck holder is not the sturdiest... only complaint though.
*saves us a min of $225 everytime we use it!

nneanf eojaoij
Best for chimney work.

Best for cleaning your chimney. Work from the ground not the roof. Now I don't have to go on the roof of a 2 1/2 story house.

Kent Rich
Flexible even for tight spots

This replaces an old chimney cleaning brush set. The old set was not very bendable to fit into our tight chimney stack. The Cyclone Plus was easy to use and did a great job.

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