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Considering people’s sleeping needs, we have devoted ourselves to research products about “sleep better”. This wearable sleep pod is one of the best products.
Regularly, we sleep by covering a quilt, blanket, etc. Now we can own a wearable blanket completely surrounding you like a big hug. Moderate compression can promote sleep. This wearable pod blanket can not only meet compression on the body like a common blanket but also wrap you thoroughly, which brings us a huge sense of security. You will have a sound sleep the whole night.



1. OFFER YOU A 360°HUG: This wearable blanket can offer you 360°compression with the body like a hug full of love. This compression is comfortable for them with stretchy fabric, you can adjust your sleeping positions even it’s contorted.
2. TIGHTLY WRAPPED BLANKET MAKES YOU FEEL SAFE: Every time when we feel sad, lonely, and helpless, we are always habituated to hug ourselves to find security and comfort. Similarly, many people like curling up to sleep. Our wearable blanket provides you the most comfortable condition to sleep with a great sense of security with tightly wrapping you.
3. EASY TO USE: This wearable blanket is like a big pocket that you can wear or take off very easily. At the end of the blanket, there is an opening like an envelope pocket of a pillowcase, through which your feet and legs can stretch out at any time. You even don’t need to take off the blanket when going to the bathroom, because we have widened the pocket part, you only need to pull the following part up.
4. AVAILABLE SIZES: According to our test, we have pushed out 3 kinds of sizes for your choice. They respectively are S(for 33’’ to 40’’ waist, max height 5’3’’ ), L(for 37’’ to 44’’ waist, max-height 5’10’’), XL(for 41’’ to 49’’ waist, max height 6’4’’). if your size is in the overlapping part, please choose your favorite one, tighter or looser.
5. PORTABLE AND CLEAN PACKAGE: When you choose our sleep pod blanket, you will get a delicate cloth packing bag. It’s very convenient for you to take in the blanket and carry when outgoing, traveling, go camping, etc.

1. In the feet part, we have made an envelope pocket, there is an opening. If you need, you can hide your feet in the pocket, or stick out.
2. We have improved and widened this bottom opening so that it will be convenient to walk easily when wearing this blanket.
3. Four colors are available: their main colors respectively are greyish-green, bottle green, blue, and camouflage, you can take the images into your reference.
4. The package is a drawstring cloth bag, you can carry it easily when going out, camping and traveling, etc.


Materials: 88% polyester and 12% spandex, so the fabric is soft and stretchy, meeting your contorted sleeping positions

Washing Instruction: Hand washable or Machine washable


Package listing: One sleep pod blanket and One cloth bag


Shipping & Returns: Orders are typically processed and shipped within 72 hours. And if you are not satisfied, for whatever reason, we promise to give you a full refund or send you a replacement for free. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the product, we will try our best to help you solve it in 24 hours.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hot dog blankie

The oddest item I've ever received, but a ton of fun. I hopped around the house like a potato sack in mine. I would TOTALLY bring it camping if I did that activity. Easy to wash, too. Warm enough. My cold toes are happy.

cw flaneuse

I was doubtful when I saw this thing, but was also dying of heat from my weighted blanket and it wasn’t even summer yet. I slid into my sleep cocoon, ignored my husband and daughter’s looks and went to bed. THIS THING IS AMAZING. I sleep so well in it, and it’s awesome for travel as well! Sleep cocoon forever!

Autistic adult loves this

Purchased to help my adult child on the autism spectrum, they are quite pleased with this this and told me it definitely helped them sleep

Very cozy

Bought for wife she loves it she says it’s very cozy and comfortable and breathable.Very satisfied

Wife loves it

Bought it for the wife who always uses a weighted blanket. She likes this better, not as bulky but similar affects.

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