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1. Better Shielding Electric Meter Cover// Our meter cover is made by better shielding performance faraday fabric. The cover could fantasticly block RF emsissions, specifically harmful EMF and radiation which comes from the electric meter. The cover could effectively prevent harmful emissions from going your house, office building.
2. Easy to Install Without Other Tools// The meter cover is very easy to use and no need any other tool. Just cover it over the electric meter, and there is a adjustable strap sewn in the bottom, (coming with another spare adjustable strap )you can adjust it loose or tight as needed. Our faraday meter cover is suitable for most meters in the US and Canada. Attractively, No steel material making very safe to use. In the process of using or removing, no worry of hurting yourself or others.
3. Irtance of This Meter Cover// How close the harmful source is to our physical bodies, how much radiation we are in. Also the longer the exposure time is, the more harmful it can be. When we rest or entertainment at home; when working in the office building; when travelling and sleeping in the hotel. The electric meter and other electric devices are relasing emf, radiaiton and other harmful. With the cover, It will be a great help to our health.
4. Superior Value but Adorable Price// The meter cover is made by faraday fabric with better shielding effect, which are breathable and visible. You can see the meter directly through the cover without removing it. In addition, this cover still works well in bad weather. Even if it is wet, it will not affect its shielding effect. You can own such a good meter cover with lower price, worth a try!
5.Convenient to Carry To Guard You Anytime// This faraday meter cover is folding to take with you anywhere. The cover could be used not only for the electric meter, but also for other electric devices; Not only used for home, but also office building, hotels and etc. No location or time or product limitation, the cover could protect you from harmful anytime if you want.

Emf Meter Cover-- a good way to reduce radiation/emf

1. What bad influence will radiaiton cause to our health?

(1) Long-term and excessive electromagnetic radiation will cause direct damage to the human reproductive system, nervous system and immune system

(2) It is the main cause of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer mutation, as well as the predisposing factors of pregnancy loss, infertility, teratogenicity and other diseases.

(3) The meters on the walls of buildings accumulate a lot of radiation, especially when many meters on the wall, the radiation is stronger. This seriously affects our health.

However, the meter cannot be transferred. We can use this emf cover for the meter to reduce radiation. The cover can effectively reduce the penetration of the meter radiation into the building. This is an effective and safe choice.
Easy to Install and remove, large extent to adjust

1. This emf electric meter cover is made by breathable and visible faraday fabric, its sheilding and protection performance is better and stronger than normal faraday fabric. Importantly, the meter cover is made by pure faraday fabric no other material.

2. The top is fixed by pu, soft, flexible but still shape fixed with precision stitches. Bottom insert uses adjustable nylon strap.

3. Just loosen the bottom strap, then cover it directly over the electric meter. Then pull the strap to tighten. It has a large range to tighten and no need any other tool. Very easy and convenient to use.

Customer Reviews

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Yudier Gonzalez
Excellent Cover for my electric meter.

It's been almost 3 months since I bought this Smart Meter Cover and I'm really super happy with my purchase. Since I covered my smart meter the EMFs were reduced, the headaches and migraines completely disappeared. It's honestly worth every dollar you pay for it.

Friends are skeptical but get a great sleep! Amazing product and does effect electrical bill.

Save you family the worries this product is worth every penny for your health. Why do you think new iPhones come with protective shields for 5g’s.

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