One Massage Therapist’s Experience Grounding

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Nancy Reid, a massage therapist in Gowanda, NY, first contacted us in 2010. Here’s what she said:

“Nothing so far has helped me as much as Earthing with my sleep and energy levels which were in the basement. My pain level was sometimes 6 to 8 on a 10 point scale. Now it’s down to 4-5 and sometimes I don’t have pain at all.

“There have been times when I would just sit in my chair knowing I had chores to do and not do them. Now I get up and do things and then find more things to do that I haven’t been able to do before. Clean out a closet, feed the birds, clean up the yard. I can actually do them instead of just thinking about them.

“I am having a wonderful response to earthing. I have had sleep difficulties for many years and can now say I sleep 100% better. I have been trying to repair my body for years with other natural health means, herbs, supplements, etc. and maybe after all this time, they have finally helped, however, it wasn’t until I had grounded for two months that I noticed SIGNIFICANT differences in sleep as well as energy during the day. It’s my understanding that Fibromyalgia is a very difficult syndrome to improve so this is an enormous difference.”

 In 2015, Nancy wrote us to say that she’s still earthing routinely and “doing great.” She says she still has some muscle pain and attributes that to her massage work. “But I recover and the fatigue is much, much better. Compared to what I was experiencing a few years ago, it is incredible the difference. Grounding is not the only thing I did, but a huge part I believe.


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