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Colleen Flynn is a 76-year-old Australian woman who has had fibromyalgia for more than sixty years, a result of multiple stresses in her life: the early death of her father, growing up in various homes, caring for a new husband incapacitated by a back injury, then a son born with a severe immune system deficit, the sudden death of her husband hit by lightning. and a double mastectomy (breast cancer).
There were times, beginning as a girl, she told us, that her body was so painful that no one could touch her. Even a mere breeze made her feel worse.

“Over the years, I went to so many specialists to evaluate what I had, and after patting me on the back, they told me that there are just some people that doctors can’t help and I was one of them,” she said.
Finally, she received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, along with medication that helped her to some degree.
Still, her pain issues continued. In the afternoons she would often collapse into a chair to watch TV, tired and in pain from just “doing the little bits around the house that I could manage.” She said she would frequently just stumble painfully to her room for a night of more pain.
In the spring of 2014, she heard about David Richards, an Australian physician not far from where she lived, who was earthing his patients “and getting great results for people with pain.” Although skeptical, she went to see him and obtained some Grounding bands.
She recalled the first time she used them. “My daughter had come over for lunch, and afterward we sat on the sofa. I put on a wrist band. After 45 minutes, my daughter asked me if I felt any different. I replied I didn’t think so. Then I fell asleep, a deep sleep. When I woke up, I was full of energy. I cooked pikelets (pancakes) for tea, then cleared up and wouldn’t let anyone help me. I did the lot. I went to bed and slept all night. Later I got an Grounding throw and a sheet. I soon realized that when I use them, I have little or no pain.”
One of Colleen’s doctors suggested she form a fibromyalgia support group in her home town. Since its formation in 2009, the group has attracted about 30 members and holds monthly meetings.

“We are all trying to control some level of neuropathic pain,” she said.
According to Colleen, Earthing has helped many individuals in her group. She offered several examples:

– “One lady also has Parkinson’s, restless legs, and incontinence. She obtained an Earthing sheet but couldn’t use it because of the incontinence. So she decided to go for a walk with her dog each morning barefooted. In about six weeks, the restless legs were gone as was the incontinence. She now sleeps grounded on her sheet. The change in her has been remarkable.”
– “One of the young women has several serious problems. She obtained an Grounding sheet but when she put it on her bed she felt silly, that it was probably just a gimmick and wouldn’t work. The next morning she texted me to say it was the first time she had slept all night in five years. When I saw her next, the difference was remarkable. Her face looked so rested. She said she was sleeping on the sheet pain free.”
– “At one meeting, I brought some earthing wrist bands for others to try. One women stood up at the end of the meeting and said she was now pain free. She suffered also with irritable bowel syndrome and had a pain that never left her.”
– “We have about sixteen people in our group grounding themselves indoors. All of them get great results.”

Colleen said that when she gets into bed and onto her Earthing sheet, she usually sleeps all night: “I am getting that deep restorative level of sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling fresh with energy and ready to face the day. If I have to get up to go to the bathroom, the pain will come back strong all over my body and sometimes I think I won’t make it. Once I get back on the Grounding sheet, I can feel the pain being drawn out of my body. The pain goes away and I usually fall back to sleep. If I don’t go back to sleep, I lay awake and simply marvel that I’m not in pain. When I am having a tough time through the day, I go to bed and the pain leaves me.”

Colleen said that Earthing has infused her with energy and enabled her to reduce her dosages of medication.

“I have discovered the magic of Earthing. When I go to see my specialists, I arrive fresh and alert, not tired at all. I am having a much better quality of life. I am now able to play and converse with my beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren, instead of struggling and pretending when I really wasn’t coping very well at all. I teach scrapbooking, and can sit and work for two hours and control my pain. I am living. My challenge now is to pace myself and realize I can’t do everything. ”


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