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The bamboo fabric had already got popular amongst eco-friendly individuals. However, more and more people start noticing the benefits of owning bamboo-based goods in their households. More specifically, hundreds of regular customers tend towards purchasing bedroom items made from bamboo fabric. 


What makes bamboo pillow cases eco friendly?

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to our pillowcases. However, it is one of the most important bed linen elements that come in touch with our skin and hair all night long. Bamboo pillowcases are a sustainable choice that will surely satisfy the taste of eco-lovers.

Bamboo fabric that is used for pillow cases is extremely eco-friendly, and let us tell you why: 

  • Bamboo is easy to grow

Thinking of sustainability, we have to consider the waste it takes to grow a particular raw material. It requires little to no care in bamboo and can be labeled as independent in its growth. The growth of bamboo does not drain the soil. Instead, the root nets of this grass strengthen the grounds and help maintain its fertility. 

  • Bamboo fabric is ethically produced. 

The production of bamboo fabric is an ethical process from all points of view. Firstly, a vast amount of bamboo fabric products maintain transparency in their sourcing and labour conditions. Secondly, bamboo fabric is produced inside closed-loop production cycles, which means that no wastewater gets into the landfill. Instead, all of the resources are being cleaned and reused as many times as possible. 


How long do bamboo pillow cases last? 

No doubt that durability is an important criterion that has to be taken into consideration. Usually, regular cotton pillow cases wear out quickly, but is it the same with bamboo ones? Bamboo pillow cases are known for their exceptional durability. The fibres of bamboo fabric are strong enough to withstand active use. You may also be wondering about how to wash these pillow cases so they last longer. The care process for them is ultimately simple and does not require a specific approach. Just wash bamboo pillow cases in a gentle mode in the washing machine. 

Despite being durable, those pillow cases are also soft and gentle for your skin. It makes them a perfect purchase without the risk of disappointment. 


Can bamboo pillow cases improve your sleep? 

Usually, sleep improvement is a key requirement for those who want to purchase a bamboo pillow case. We have reviewed some of the bamboo pillow cases on the market and are ready to share our real experience of improving our sleep: 

  • These pillow cases are hypoallergenic.

As a rule, people with allergies and skin irritations tend to think that the problem is in their pillow. However, this assumption may not always be true. It is true that high-quality pillows, especially the ones with bamboo filling, can improve the state of things for allergic individuals. However, the use of regular pillow cases for bamboo pillows may not deliver the best result. 

Bamboo pillow cases are recommended to allergy-prone individuals to feel real improvement.

  • Bamboo pillow cases are breathable.

The high breathability of bamboo pillow cases is truly important, and let us tell you why. Firstly, this aspect prevents dust mites from getting onto the surface of your pillowcase. As a result, it decreases the risk of allergies and irritations. Secondly, the high breathability of these pillow cases prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It results in a decrease of odour and helps your pillow cases stay fresh for longer. 

  • They are gentle for your hair. 

We all know the deal with having a bedhead in the morning. But the truth is, your messy morning hair is not just unpresentable but is also damaging. While sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, your hair cuticles get in a state of friction with the surface. In a word, your regular pillow cases are damaging and cause split ends. To avoid this, give bamboo pillow cases a try. Using a bamboo pillowcase is a bliss for all hair types: from straight to curly and kinky. 

  • Bamboo pillow cases are antibacterial. 

You may have heard about the bamboo Kun, a ferment that can be found in bamboo fabric. The role of this ferment is all about controlling the growth of bacteria. As scientific as it may sound, the antibacterial function of bamboo pillow cases is very practical. People with acne or skin sensitivities can benefit from bamboo Kun’s antibacterial function the most as it prevents the pathogenic microflora from growing on the skin. 

  • These pillow cases are thermoregulatory. 

Thermoregulation is worth consideration when you purchase pillow cases. A pillowcase that is not breathable enough can decrease your sleep quality and make you toss and turn all night long. The breathability of bamboo pillow cases will allow them to maintain an adequate temperature. It means that your pillow will be cool enough during warmer days and prevent you from freezing when it’s cold. 

  • Bamboo pillow cases are durable.

Durable items help us save money and be more eco-friendly. Purchasing a cheap pillowcase once in a short while to throw it away later is not a good idea for your budget and nature. Purchasing a bamboo pillowcase, you can be sure that it will last you for years. To prolong the item’s life, wash it gently and avoid machine drying, favouring airdrying. 



The purchase of a bamboo pillowcase is the right step towards improving the quality of your sleep. These pillow cases prevent your face from the growth of bacteria and ensure the optimal airflow and temperature level. Moreover, a bamboo pillowcase can protect your hair from frizz and split ends by being gentle to your hair’s cuticle. People with skin allergies can also feel the benefits of owning a bamboo pillowcase as it helps the skin maintain moisture and does not cause irritations. 


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