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Our Low-Frequency EMF meters can be used to determine the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming from nearby power lines. EMF meters can measure emissions at varying distances and at different times of the day. These devices measure radiation in milligaus units, which indicate magnetic field strength. A reading of 0.5 milligaus or more falls within dangerous levels of radiation emission. Test the levels with our LF meters or book an appointment with us just to be sure.

Chances are if you can see the transmissions lines from your window, then it is having an effect on your health. To add to this, power line fluctuations throughout the day make it difficult to pinpoint a distance range when determining exposure levels and potential risk.Therefore, one should make shielding a priority to ensure you and everyone around you maintains and improves their health.

How should you deal with living near a power line?

Not all power lines are equal, so rent or purchase a A/C gaussmeter suitable for power line radiation detection.

Measure the strength of the electromagnetic field in the areas where your family spend most of their time, especially bedrooms, kitchens, living areas.

Do this with your power switched off at the mains, then again with it turned on. That way you can determine how much of the EMF is coming from power line radiation and how much from your own house wiring and appliances.

Take measurements at various times of the day.

If your EMF values (from power line radiation alone) are above 0.5 mG you may want to consider moving or investing in shielding. Keep in mind that sometimes power and transmissions lines run underneath your house as well. It is imperative shield under your couches and beds where you spend most of your time with a shielding mat indicated in the link below.


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