Incontinence Waterproof Pad (2 PC)


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There are several stages in life when we need a little extra protection from a urinary leak. A baby sometimes has a leaky diaper so you want a pad like this for the crib. Then, when the toddler is older and we're potty training, we need something to catch those accidents. Adults often suffer from incontinence for medical reasons. Protect and lengthen the life of your bedding and mattress while saving money with these reusable Bed Pads!

Features :
1. 4-Layers waterproof Eco-friendly inner layers keep surface dry and stain-free
2. Four colors are available: Black, Brown, Grey, or Beige
3. Machine washable, 300 times reusable
4. Can be used on car seats, children's seats, couches, recliners, wheelchairs, plane seats, train seats, etc.
5. The seat protectors can be used for a girl’s period, baby carriage, seat cover for pet and elderly nursing.

Package included: 2 pcs couch chair pad protector same colors

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Angela Turrill
These fit perfect on a wheel chair

This fit was perfect for my uncles wheel chair-
Best part is the durability in the wash

J. A. Tompkins
Great Pads

This is my third time buying this type pad and it works great. Will probably buy more.

This really does absorb!!

Our dog was having "leaking" issues and we needed to protect the furniture. We were SO happy and relieved that these pads actually DO absorb liquid even after many washings. The couch was safe! And I love the color!
Thank you!

Convenient and sturdy

I had picked up these pads For my rabbit and they work very well. He uses them sometimes but for the most part he likes to sit on them and they are washable so I can wash them

Test Guard
Works Great

I am older than dirt and recently got a recliner lift chair. Once in a while the chair is not fast enough for me to get out of it and get to the bathroom fast enough. They wash well. Getting old is the pits but products like this helps

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