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Military-grade Faraday fabric

Have you always been anxious if you're doing enough to protect your health and privacy? In this New Media Age, it won't hurt to improve your ways with the help of our Copper Faraday Fabric!



Our Faraday fabric uses metallic copper, metallic nickel composition, and Polyester fiber materials that efficiently block 99% of wireless frequencies such as electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). This guards you against potentially harmful frequencies and possible data theft from your personal gadgets.

It's also the same material that the military and law enforcement use to block other wireless signals that come from cellphones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.



  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION — Upgrade your health and privacy protection using our Copper Faraday Fabric! It's highly effective in blocking your wireless gadgets to guard you against potentially harmful frequencies.
  • MILITARY-GRADE — Our Faraday fabric is the same one that the military and law enforcement use to block signals from WiFi routers, mobile phones, Bluetooth connection, GPS, RFID, and more.
  • DIY ENCLOSURE — Easily make your own Faraday cage with our 1-yard fabric. Simply cut and sew to fit your smartphone, laptop, car keys, or cards.
  • SLEEK COLORS — With its 100% copper color, you'll definitely love making some DIY slipcovers using our Faraday EMF protection. Its subtle style and lightweight design make it perfect for daily use.


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Customer Reviews

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Burchett Family
Fabrics you can work with

I got this for a wood shop project, and it worked very well. It stops all signal from a phone but more importantly a key fob.

It works! 😎

IT WORKS! I put my iPhone in between the sheet and it went from 4 bars to 1 bar. The reason why it was at 1 bar was because I was peeking to see if it went down. I’m sure 100% if it was fully covered my iphone wouldn’t work! Thank you so much and for the price it’s worth it!

Just what I wanted.

This was just what I wanted. I sewed the sides together to make a bag.

Deena Doyle
Works great!

My husband is an iron worker in Boston, ma. He likes his food hot. And on those cold windy days… this little things warms his food up in 30mins give or take. It will even warm water/soup up. We highly recommend it!! He shows it off to everyone!!

Great protection easy to cut and sew

I made an insert for my purse and it worked so well that my car fob would not get recognized by my car when it was in my purse! I moved my key to another part of my purse so it could be detected but left all my credit cards and other items protected by the material. It was a generous size piece of cloth and was easy to cut and sew.

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