Faraday Bag ( Laptop Size: 17.7 inch* 13.8 inch )


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Faraday bags are small, portable, affordable accessories that block electromagnetic fields. They are more practical versions of the mighty Faraday cage.


A Faraday bag is a type of Faraday cage.

It protects electronics from being damaged by radio frequency interference (RFI) or from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) by not allowing radio frequency or electromagnetic pulse waves to pass through the material.

Specifically designed to protect a Large Tablet from unauthorized remote access.  faraday bag was made to ensure that the data on their iPad’s was kept secure from third parties or people. 



  • The flexible and transparent window provides direct operational access to the contained device, from the exterior (windowed versions only)
  • Wear-resistant outer shell and double-layered construction improves product durability
  • Highly visible usage instructions mitigate user error
  • Incorporated note slot for easy record keeping


  • Shielding of small devices
  • Tablet Shielding
  • Phone Shielding
  • ID Card Shielding
  • GPS/Sat Nav Shielding
  • Stops remote hacking attacks
  • Notebook Shielding


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
This works!

So I don't know much about faraday bags other than they are used to reduce or omit wifi. Well I tested by having my sister call my cell phone while I placed the phone in the bag and closed it up. I waited about 20 minutes and called her and asked if she called me. She did. It never rang and her call didn't even show up in missed calls. It worked beautifully.

Works as advertised.

Put my phone in the bag called it and the call didn't go thru or show up in my call log.

Security conscious +

This is just as they say it is. Not a single complaint. Perfect, for anyone security conscious.

Cherie Crabb-Munitich
Great item for the times

This is great does everything it says it can do . Although I haven’t set it on fire 🤣. True to size also

Works great

I use these bags during certain meetings to prevent interruption. They work great.

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