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Are you looking for a facial mask sheet that can be used many times? Do you believe a DIY face sheet mask can not only help your skin absorb astringent/toner better, but help rejuvenate your stressed skin, relieve dry grains, and fine lines?
This DIY Face Mask Sheet Silver, Reusable Facial Sheet Mask with Silver Technology will do that for you.

1. Silver infused fabric- increase the effectiveness of skincare products, the silver technology in this face mask sheet will help rejuvenate your skin, also will help relieve dry grains, and fine lines, improve your skin dryness and pore tightening, sending you firmer, healthier, and brightening skin.

2.User-friendly design- mesh sheet promotes the absorption of skincare water, elastic fabric, neck area cover, and hanger design all make the face mask sheet the best way to protect your skin.

3.Reusable using- The mask sheet can be used by many and many times, you just need to wash it with clean water after using and air dry it.

Black technology has been in our life, we should take every chance to enjoy the convenience and benefits it brings us. Our life is becoming better and more colorful because of these products. So why not have a try?

1. Cleaning your face totally.
2.Pour some astringent/toner or emulsion onto the mask or just soak the mask sheet into the skincare water.
3.Then put the mask sheet on the face snugly and wait for 10-20 minutes to absorb.
4.Do a gentle massage for your face and neck to help astringent/toner get into your skin.

Washing and Storing Suggestions:
Wash the mask sheet with toothpaste before the first time using. For normal use, please wash it with clean water and air dry it.
Please store it in a seal box or seal bag after drying in case of oxidation.

Package: 1 * silver infused face mask sheet, 1* product instruction

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