Copper Pillowcase (Dark Blue)


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1. Copper Fabric Pillowcase will not hurt your skin and protect your hair from harm.
2. The silky pillowcase makes you look younger and more beautiful.
3. The copper pillowcase size is 27.5IN * 18.8IN (70CM * 48CM)


Why do we need to choose a Copper pillowcase?

SKINCARE PRINCIPLE - When the skin comes in contact with a pillowcase, copper fibers begin to release copper ions, and some of the copper ions are absorbed by the skin and enter the basal cells and participate in collagen production. There is also a large number of copper ions left on the pillowcase to form a clean environment, protect the health of the skin and reduce the formation of acne muscles. Started to make anti-aging skin SPA for the skin automatically. Renew your skin while you sleep and wake up to fresher, younger-looking skin with the soft and silky Iluminage Pillowcase, which is infused with smart patented anti-aging copper technology that is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote smoother hair after overnight use.


* Hypoallergenic.
* Naturally Derived Minerals.
* Copper fiber helps reduce odors.
* Copper pillowcase fabric feels like smooth, supportive silk on your face.
* Copper destroys the cell and helps control them from growing in your bed.
* Copper pillowcase promotes blood circulation, reduces Signs of Aging, diminishes Wrinkles, minimizes Fine Lines to keep skin rejuvenating.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Bradley Hall

Got a copper pillow in an auction and decided I needed a copper pillowcase. It is just perfect for me, so soft I love it. As far as the other claims, Haven't had it that long, 3 days. But I think my skin is looking better.

Great, met my expectations...

It feels soft and comfortable. Although silk is softer, I was pleasantly surprised that this was breathable and it appears to be more durable than silk. It washes and dries beautifully. It doesn't wrinkle. So far, so good. Also, this pillowcase doesn't show facial cream spots or eye drop stains like the silk cases do.


I have naturally curly hair but after decades of using a straightening iron and bleach, it’s just frizzy the first day up to 3 days when the oils come back into my hair. I washed my hair and dried it at night when I had just gotten this. When I woke up in the morning my hair wasn’t frizzy hardly at all. It was soft and manageable. And it’s good for your skin!

Ilia kennerly
Really comfortable and good quality product

I liked how my face didn’t have creases when I woke up and my hair was not messy

Very good Pillowcases

Smooth texture. Very comfortable! Five stars!

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