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Package includes: 2PC Cooling Pillow cases (Queen Size: 20"x 30")



1. Keep You Cool & Comfort All Night: We've all been there: Waking up with night sweats, hair sticking to our pillowcases, frantically trying to get some airflow to our neck. Overheating at night is pretty common and can really ruin the quality of our sleep if it happens repeatedly. One instant solution that's surprisingly simple and affordable is to invest in cooling pillowcases. They are super cooling soft & comfortable and provide a good amount of cooling to help us sleep well at night.

2. Revolutionary Patent Arc-Chill Cooling Technology: Our cool pillowcase is a unique double-sided cooling design adopting an innovative cooling technology, which does a great job of making it into a natural ice fabric(Q-Max > 0.4) by adding cool sensation factors. It will naturally absorb the heat and sweat from your skin, then enhance air circulation and moisture evaporation, giving you a feeling of exceptional coolness and comfort all night.

3. Perfect Hair & Skin Care: Say goodbye to "bed head"! Our special cooling fibers material is tightly woven to make this pillowcase ultra-soft, silky smooth, and naturally anti-static, which helps reduce facial friction and avoid hair breakage. This cooling silky texture fabric is very cool to touch and as soft as a T-shirt. Furthermore, the cool pillow covers provide great breathability and moisture absorption, returning you to a refreshing and healthy sleep.

4. Safe Envelop Closure Design: Compared to zipper closure pillowcases, our cooling pillow protectors are specially designed with enveloping closure, having the advantage of being more practical and pleasing. And you don’t need to worry about safety issues like being hurt by a zipper. The summer pillowcase has an easy separate and clean long-life design, bringing you an exclusive pleasant user experience. They stretch nicely and hold pillowcases securely though, without any noise or slipperiness.

5. Easy Care&Washing: Each package includes 20"x 30" queen pillowcases set of 2. Our cooling pillowcases can be easily washed by machine or hand and they will be dry, fresh quickly. Laundry bags are strongly recommended to prevent snagging and scratches. You can gift your family and friends with cold pillowcases to enjoy an incredible cooling journey in the hot summer, especially help for hot sleepers to combat night sweats and insomnia.


If you are trying to think of a gift to give to a special someone in your life or for yourself, these cooling pillowcases are the perfect gift idea. He or She will definitely gotta love the pillowcases.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
They work great and keep me cool

I can't fall asleep without hugging my pillow so heat is trapped between the pillow and me. Imagine to do in summer. The pillow case does keep my hugging pillow cool and it stops me waking up in the middle of the night. The material of the pillow case is very soft and silky to the touch and it stretches to fit any pillow. This is a winner.

Very comfortable

Cool and comfortable

The coolness

This is the best pillow case I've ordered. I was worried it wouldn't be big enough, or cool like they say but it works great. If you're looking for a cooling pillowcase this is it.

Keeps you cool.

Works very well to keep you cool.

Genuinely cooler than standard pillow cases.

This product came fast, and is good quality. I could tell instantly it was a cooler fabric than standard pillowcases. I would purchase again!

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