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At present, most similar products on the market are feature flimsy, poor clipping power metal clips that pop off with the slightest movement. Which are different from most bed sheet fasteners on the market, our Bed Sheet Strap is a New Approach that firmly makes the bed sheet fit to the mattress, keep your bed sheet in place all night! Say goodbye to the metal bed sheet clips

Easy to Installation:

1: Wrap the giant headband 360 degrees around the mattress.

2: Tuck the bed sheet between the giant headband and the mattress.

3: Finally, keep your bed sheet in place all night!

Package including:

One Giant Bed Headband

Washing Instructions:

Hand or machine wash

Use a liquid laundry detergent

No bleaching

No whitening detergents

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing!

Being a senior with arthritis it is very hard to make my bed. I usually waited for my kids or grandkids to help because my mattress is so heavy. With this, you just tuck in the sheets! The blankets still go under the mattress, so you do not have to pick it up at all!! And the sheets stay in place better than before. Would highly recommend. I got the the king grey and my friend got the queen blue. We are both very happy!

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Must buy

This is the best product for bedding. I have a king size adjustable bed. I never was able to keep sheets on it when the bed was adjusted until now. It required work to get it on but once I did it was fantastic. It does not require being taken off to change the sheets and I can't say enough about how good it is. I am looking to get the full size for my son's bed next.


It fits my King bed mattress real snug like. It the bottom sheet great, and the top is easy to tuck, makes for a nice looking bed. Just what I needed to stop lifting my heavy mattress to tuck sheets. Great. I needed this yesterday.

Amazingly effective

This is awesome, very tight and snug! Keeps you sheets tucked in and stays in! I love it!

Holds better then before

This is awesome, very tight and snug! Keeps you sheets tucked in and stays in! I love it!

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