Anti-Acne Silver Pillowcase


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Material: silver fiber+polyester


Size: 29.9 inch * 19.7 inch


Silver fiber belongs to fiber and it is a kind of functional fiber(in addition, there is another functional fiber, like copper, zinc, etc), which can block the spread of disease and keep us healthy, The material feels very soft. You can enjoy its softness and amazing Fight-aging function.


Why do we need to choose a silver fiber pillowcase?

When the skin comes in contact with a pillowcase, silver fiber fibers begin to release silver ions and some of the silver ions are absorbed by the skin and enter the basal cells and participate in collagen production. There is also a large number of silver irons left on the pillowcase to form a clean environment, protect the health of the skin and reduce the formation of acne muscles. Standard to make Fight-aging skin SPA for the skin automatically. It has 5% pure silver, which's a high-quality material. You can enjoy its benefits to your heart's content


1. Using the silver fiber pillowcase is beneficial to make your skin younger.
2. Reduce the growth of wrinkles and crow's-feet.
3. Promote hair quality, make your hair more smooth and soft.


Package: 1* standard silver Fight-Acne Pillowcase


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love it

I love this pillow case. I've noticed I've been having less breakouts since using it. I have very acne-prone skin, so I noticed less new acne surfacing as soon as I made this switch.

So soft!

Love this case! Most pillowcases of this nature are really uncomfortable and rough. This one is super soft! Ordering more!

It helps with acne

I love it i don't break out as much anymore

Soft delicate in skin

With covid wearing a mask all day has not helped my acne. These pillow sheets help not getting my skin irritated at least during my sleep I definitely been breaking out less. Bad thing is that only one side is bamboo the other side is cotton so u will need to wash it more often, no flipping the pillow.

This anti-acne pillowcase helps my pimples a lot

I had no experience how to deal with pimples even in my age of puberty. Recently I have been exhausted with adult acne and I have tried many skin care product, medicine, etc, there was no obvious improvement. Perhaps by chance knowing this anti-acne pillowcase, I bought one and used it for a time, I can see a difference now. So I'm going to bought one more to use in turn when washing one.

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