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√ Still, worrying about squeezing your ears when sleeping on the side?
This ear pillow has two holes, the hole gives a good place to rest our ears. Especially when having ears pain, ear piercings, or chondrodermatitis CNH Pain. No matter ear inflammation or ear pressure sores, you don’t have to worry about squeezing your ears. What’s more, our ear pillow has two holes, you can easily fit the ears to the hole by simply turning around. Unlike the one with a hole, you may have to change the body posture greatly to adapt to the hole.

√ Want to listen to music to sleep?
With this ear pillow, you can sleep with earphones, earplugs even earrings. Slowly fall asleep in the world of music, It can’t be better. When in a noisy surrounding, you also can wear earplugs to avoid noise and sleep as you like.

√ Why not choose the ear pillow as your sleeping partner?
Good sleep not only determines our physical fitness but also our mental state. This ear pillow allows us to sleep in a more comfortable posture, and the excellent product quality also provides a guarantee for our sleep quality. It definitely will be a good sleeping partner to you and your loved ones.

Customer Reviews

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Good pillow and options

You can remove some of the stuffing for less firmness. If they made the hole bigger it would be easier to deal with at night in bed.

Best sleep I've had in years!

Best pillow I've ever had!
I take it with me when I travel too.
When sleeping on my side my ear no longer gets sore. Even comfortable when sleeping on my back.

Duchess Sophia
Works for me!

I bought this as I was developing an ear ulcer from side sleeping. It works very well and I healed up immediately.

Must have for pierced ears

This is a must have if you pierced your ears, especially anything cartilage. Do measure your ears and shoulder length to see if this pillow is a good fit for you before purchasing. Had wonder night sleep after sleeping on a travel neck pillow for two nights after getting my ears pierced. I use a king size silk pillow cover over the pillow cover that came with this and it has enough give to “hole-out” the ear sockets without putting pressure on my ears.


This pillow is fantastically comfortable. I washed it along with the pillow case on the delicate cycle and then placed it in my dryer on medium / low. It took a couple of cycles to dry completely. It is firm and comfortable. Thank you for making such a helpful product!

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