Bed Sheet Strap (King & Queen Size)

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Package includes:

1PC Bed Sheet Holder Band and 1PC Holding Strap for Adjustable Bed


1. No lifting:
Our sheet strap is specifically designed, to make your mattress fully surrounded 360 degrees. So you don't have to lift the heavy mattress while installing it or changing your bedding and it is also simple to pull off the band when it's time to change the sheets.

2. No clips:
The bed sheet holder band is designed to provide you with a simpler solution to secure sheets rather than traditional clip-type products that may break your nails.

3. Keep it hidden:
Our bed sheet holder band can totally be hidden under any standard comforter, making your bedroom clean and tidy.

4. Keep the corner tight
The bed sheet holder uses horizontal tension to hug your sheet around the mattress and keeps your corners from riding up and off.

Easy to use:

Step 1: Put your fitted sheet or flat sheet on your mattress, then lay the bed sheet holder band out on top of your sheet
Step 2: Begin stretching the band around the circumference of the mattress by starting at one corner and proceeding to each corner until the band is around the sides of the mattress. (Please make sure the rubber side touches the mattress which is specially designed to increase the friction. And please make sure the band lay flush against the bottom sheet without twisted.)
Step 3: Tuck the sheet or other bedding under the band and enjoy a comfortable sleep!
Step 4: If you want to change your bedding, slightly extend the band and untuck the bedding from between the band and the mattress and leave the band on the bed so you can reinstall your bedding when desired.

Customer Reviews

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It works! Neat sheets again!

I have a queen air mattress, and the sheets were not staying tucked in, no matter how deep the pockets. This strap works perfectly at *finally* keeping the sheets neat and organized. I would *strongly* recommend getting the king-size strap, even for a queen bed, because even the king-size band/strap is quite tight on my queen mattress.

Actually Works

Was very skeptical about this but it has kept my sheets on with only a bit of movement. Very pleased and easy to put in place.

Creative solution for a Common Problem!

This is like a giant rubber band to encircle a bottom sheet onto a mattress. I am a senior and no longer have to lift the corners of my mattress to tuck in the bottom sheet --- this has become very strenuous for me. Carefully tuck in the bottom sheet and it stays smooth over time and my bed is much more comfortable. Moreover, the band is high quality and I am confident it will last.

Holds my bottom fitted sheet in place. Also hold the foot of the blanket, and sheets in place.

Finally found an item that is easy to use and I don't have to wrestle with our heavy tall mattress to get the corners to stay on. With this, no more loose corners that pop off and have to be pulled down over the mattress.

Love the band

My husband would complain about the sheets coming off the bed when the foot of the bed is lifted up. These bands are a perfect remedy.
The sheets stay in place all the way around.

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