Bed Sheet Organizer (Cross Band)

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Upgraded Closet Organizer Band for Bed Sheets, Clothes Storage and Organization System for Linen Closet, Durable Blanket Storage with Label, Wardrobe Space Saver for Bedding, Comforters, Sweater
Our bed sheet closet organizer band with high durability and strong elasticity is perfect to make your wardrobe neat, especially to keep your sheets so well labeled and organized. You can easily identify what you need without having to completely unfold them. What’s more, the clothes organization system makes it easy to stack and prevents the sheets from accidentally unfolding.

Package includes:
1PC Closet Organizer (includes one leather label and two different length bands)

1. No unfolding:
Our bed sheets organizer is specifically designed with a blank card label on which you could mark what you store. So you can easily identify what you organize without having to completely unfold them.
2. No boxes:
With the help of our closet organization, you no longer need to struggle with big bulky plastic boxes or large zip bags. It is extremely easy to use, returning you a tidy closet.
3. Space-saving and reusable:
Our closet organizer system is made to last by using premium materials. It is durable and adorable with a delicate pattern.

Easy to use:
Step1: Fold your sheet set or other you are ready for storage.
Step2: Undo fasteners and lay the closet organizer with the sheet set facing down.
Step3: Place the folded sheet set on the center of the band.
Step4: Fold over the pairs of opposing straps and secure them with the buckle.
Step5: Your sheet set is now secured and correctly identified by the closet organization band, ready for storage, in your tidy linen closet!

Customer Reviews

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What a clever and useful idea!

With a family as large as ours, (with each of the 6 children having their own beds) and finding that sheets today often come without labels as to size, these "sheet keepers" solve the problem. No longer do I have to plow through the linen closets in order to find the correct size of sheet sets I'm looking for. Sheet Keepers cleverly marks their elastic banding so that at once the sheet sizes are evident. My linen closets are now organized! I LOVE this product. I only wish I had had the idea myself!

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