Bed Sheet Holder Band (Twin, Full, Queen, King, Adjustable Bed)

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Why do you need it?

With the help of our superior durability sheet suspenders, you no longer need to worry about loose, wrinkled sheet issues. Instead, it will keep your fitted sheets from sliding off from corners all night and make you possess smooth and secure sheets, improving your sleep quality.

Our strengthened bedsheet fastener is made of resilient polyester and high-quality rubber with great durability and strength of elasticity. It is not merely a giant rubber band, but a specially designed sheet strap embossed with the anti-slip pattern that secures bedding by a horizontal tension.  

Our mattress band is the simplest and effective solution to wrinkled sheets. You don’t have to lift the heavy mattress with difficulty and struggle with mental clips. All you have to do is wrap the band around the bed and tuck the sheet under the band, which you could easily do on yourself in under 5 minutes.

 No more worry about the size of your bed, our bed sheet keeper with ADJUSTABLE strap buckle allows the desired length for all types of mattresses, including a King or California King bed, a Queen sizes bed, a Twin or Full bed, a sleep number bed or adjustable bed, a memory foam mattress, and more. It is perfect for fitted sheets and flat sheets. You could adjust the proper length according to your need and sleeping habits.


Package includes:
1PC Bed Sheet Holder Band (196.85 in * 1.97 in) and 1PC Adjustable Bed Strap (102.36 in * 0.98 in)


1. No lifting:
Our sheet strap is specifically designed, making your mattress fully surrounded by 360 degrees. So you don't have to lift the heavy mattress while installing it or changing your bedding and it is also simple to pull off the band when it's time to change the sheets.
2. No clips:
With the help of our mattress strip, you no longer need to struggle with annoying mental clips, grippers, or other small pieces. It is extremely easy to install the band on your mattress, returning a wrinkle-free bed.
3. Keep it hidden:
Our bedclothes band can totally be hidden under any standard comforter, making your bedroom clean and tidy.


Easy to use:
Step1: Wrap the Band around the Bed.
Step2: Adjust the Length by the Buckle According to the Size of Your Bed.
Step3: Tuck the Sheet under the Band.
Step4: Enjoy a Healthy and Comfortable Sleep.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Excelente. A mi me funciono porque mi colchón tiene una pequeña colchoneta y se atora ahí.

Easy product gets the job done

Really keeps the sheets from coming out. I have a bed that goes up and down and it still keeps the sheets tucked.

christina Kao
Best product

This is a must have during travels. Anyone use one time disposable bed sheets need to have this thing to tie the sheet to the bed so the sheet doesn’t move around.

Works Great!

It actually works!! My bottom sheet stays in place. I have used now for almost a month and wanted to update my review. Initially you will need help for putting it on for the first time. You don’t need to take off to change sheets! The strap will fit any size mattress. I had plenty left over and I cut off the excess. So far so good. I have tried nearly everything and this is the only thing I have found to work perfectly!

Works great

I toss and turn all night and pull the corner of my bottom sheet up and have to re set it every morning, not anymore! This band works, and I still haven’t pulled the top sheet out of the bottom yet either! The one thing is putting it on the bed, if you have a helper it’s not bad, if not then, attach it to one corner on the head of the bed, then go to the opposite corner at the foot of the bed and attach it there now slowly stretch it to the next corner at the foot and then do the other corner at the head. Just remember to keep it low while stretching it and go slowly or you’ll pull it off the corner. Once on it should stay on. FYI, I put mine down lower on the mattress, just in case it moves up during the night but it hasn’t yet in the 3 or four weeks it’s been in use.

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