What are the Safe Levels of EMF?

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Depending on who you’re asking, whether it be officials, government sources, the threshold for EMF levels may be high. However, in the building biologists and environmentalists’ realm, EMF threshold levels may not be as high. Therefore, what is considered a safe level of EMF? In this blog, we will discuss what is considered a safe level of EMF. 


What is EMF?

EMF Fields are split into 3 main groups. Magnetic fields, Electrical Fields, and RF(High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields).

First of all, let us explain what EMF is. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are fields produced by moving electric charges. Electromagnetic fields disseminate at the speed of light and interact with charges and currents. (Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_field)

Electric fields are created by voltages, so the higher the voltage the stronger the field. Similarly, magnetic fields are created when electric current flows, the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. An electric field will still exist even when there is no current flowing. When the current flows, the strength of the magnetic field will vary with power but the electric field strength will be constant. (Sources:https://www.who.int/peh-emf/about/WhatisEMF/en/)


High-Frequency EMF vs. Low-Frequency EMF 

High-Frequency EMF

High-Frequency EMF also known as radio frequency. Those high-frequency electromagnetic fields are in the range from 100 kilohertz (kHz) to 300 gigahertz (GHz) and used in wireless transmission. Examples of high frequency sources are cell phones, smart meters, cell towers, cordless phones, wifi modems, wireless camera, bluetooth devices. Contrary to low-frequency EMF, high-frequency travels wirelessly and at light speed and can go for long distances.

Low-Frequency EMF

Low-Frequency has two distinct categories: electric fields and magnetic fields. Electric fields can be easily shielded, but not magnetic fields as it goes in circular motion and not directional.  

Firstly, let’s discuss what electric fields and magnetic fields are. 

Electric fields are forces acting on charged particles, like electrons or protons, that causes them to move. Electric field causes electric current to happen because of the flowing of electrons. The strength of an electric field is expressed as volts per meter (V/m) or, for stronger fields, as kilovolts per meter (kV/m), where a kilovolt is 1000 volts. A magnetic field is created when charged particles are in motion. The strength of a magnetic field can be expressed in many different units, including tesla (T), microtesla (µT or one millionth of a tesla), and gauss (G), where one G equals 100.

Low Frequency EMF sources come from high power transmission lines, electrical wiring,  electrical boxes, transformers, and common appliances such as electric blankets, televisions, hair-dryers, computers, etc.(Sources: https://www.arpansa.gov.au/understanding-radiation/what-is-radiation/non-ionising-radiation/low-frequency-electric-magnetic-fields)


smart appliances that emit Wi-Fi

Television & Computer Screens

Computer screens and television sets both produce static electric fields and low frequency electromagnetic fields at different frequencies. Modern computers have conductive screens that reduce the static field to a level similar to the ones in homes or workplaces. Laptops and New TVs are smart TVs therefore using WiFi and Bluetooth which is HF frequency EMF.

Microwave ovens

Microwave operates at very high power levels. In our opinion when you turn on the microwave not to stay near the microwave so your exposure to radiation will be minimal. When a microwave is not on, you might have a high magnetic and end electric field because it is plugged into the electricity.

Cordless telephones

Cordless phones emit HF EMF and in some cases the levels are even higher than a cell phone. The base stations transmit all the time and the handset transmit inside your head when you speak into the phone. In addition, the cordless phone base station is like a small cell tower in your house. 

EMR Shielding Solutions & Safe Levels of EMF

In our opinion, based on our experience, knowledge and further search on the web, the safe levels for High Frequency is up to 70 mv/m meter, for Low-Frequency EMF magnetic fields, it can go up to 0.7 Milligauss and for the low-frequency electric field, it should be less than 6 V/m (volts per meter). 

EMF Frequencies

Safe Level Range

High Frequency

Up to 70 mv/m  (Millivolts per meter)

Low Frequency (electric fields)

Less than 6 V/m (Volts per meter)

Low Frequency (magnetic fields)

Up to 0.7mg (Milligauss)

Please note that every meter will show a different reading based on calibration level, those levels are accurate with our meters such as the AF-3500, HF-B8G, HF-B3G, and AF-5000


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