How to Reduce EMF Radiation from my Wi-Fi Devices

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How to Minimize EMF Radiation from my Wi-Fi Devices

Presently, our technology is primarily based on the Wi-Fi network, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone has to rely on their computers and home offices to work, and their mobile phones to communicate with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Therefore, to eliminate Wi-Fi completely from our house is not practical and almost impossible. We must learn to adapt and live smartly with Wi-Fi around us. In this blog, we will recommend several solutions in which people can reduce EMF radiation emitted from their Wi-Fi network and thereby reduce the risks associated with Wi-Fi radiation.  


How to Minimize EMF Radiation from Wi-Fi Network

First of all, you always want to start from the source - the Wi-Fi modem. This device enables communication between the Internet, the computer, and cellular phones. 

When possible, always connect your devices through wires or cables. For devices such as cell phones, notebooks, iPads where you cannot connect through a wire, you will have to find other anti-EMF radiation solutions which will be explained later. 


Solution 1 - The Location of your Wi-Fi Modem

Place the model in a spot that’s far enough from you, In our opinion, locate at least 15 meters away from you. This distance can be adjusted according to how strong your Wi-Fi signal is, the further you are from the modem the weaker the reception, so as long as your reception is good then you know the location of the modem is fine. Never put the modem near you, in your bedroom, near or under the bed.


Solution 2 -  Adjust your Wi-Fi settings

Most modems allow you to change your settings so you can control the EMF radiation transmission. From our experience, the Wi-Fi modem comes with a software program where you can adjust the signal in the settings so you can manage the signal levels of your modem. In most of the cases, reducing the Wi-Fi transmission signal level to 40%, will be strong enough to receive Wi-Fi signal at home, with fewer negative effects on your health. 


Solution 3 - Turn off the Wi-Fi modem when you don’t need it & when you are going to bed at night

When you don’t need to use your Wi-Fi, turn it off, especially at night time when you are ready for bed. Nowadays, some Wi-Fi routers support scheduled turn offs at night, where you can schedule a time you want the router to automatically turn off. Another way to turn off your router is to install a mechanical timer that you can plug into a wall outlet. All you have to do is set the time that you want the router to be off for, and the mechanical timer will disconnect power from your router, and reconnect in the morning.

In rare situations where Wi-Fi is not required, and the modem doesn’t have the ability to turn off, you can, if possible, put a shielding fabric in front of the modem in order to reduce the EMF radiation levels.  

The Realyou Store Faraday Fabric is a compact woven, heavy metalized polyester netting for the protection against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF). This professional product with 100 dB attenuation has been tested and is typically used for ministries of defense, banking houses, laboratories, etc. This fabric will act as an EMF radiation blocker for the modem.


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