5 Security Tips When Shipping Servers & Sensitive Equipment Internationally

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Disklabs ship and install sensitive equipment in digital forensic laboratories in many countries overseas and below we have detailed a few tips of the trade on how to get IT systems reliably and securely shipped around the world.

1. Back up your data prior to shipment.

This may seem obvious but the first step when considering the move of a large IT hardware system is to secure backups of all of the data. There are a number of ways this can be achieved including the build of a duplicate system or online backup in the cloud.

Cloud storage services are relatively inexpensive and hassle-free way of backing up critical data.

2. Anti-Hacking, Anti- Static and EMP protection

Placing the equipment in a reusable faraday bag enclosure such as the Disklabs RS4U  prior to shipping will ensure that these expensive systems have the best protection from hacking and EMP risks.

Manufactured in the UK the RS4U is designed to prevent the protentional of remote access to critical data and increased level of protection from EMP and RF radiation risks that may damage sensitive circuits. The RS4U also comes with a water and abrasion resistant inner liner offer a further level of environmental protection.

3. Use an experienced shipper who is familiar with IT systems

The internet is full of companies who offer special shipping services and the likely hood is that there will be one in your locality. They will understand the packing requirements for international shipping.

Your shipper should be able to send you an outline specification of the packaging solution they propose to use and this should include foam cushioning and a hermetically sealed custom case. the shipping specification will typically include an anti-static wrap for any sensitive electronic equipment however the level of protection this offers is usually undefined and may not be effective.

4. Keep track of your shipment

In-country commissioning teams waiting around for a shipment to be released can be a disruptive and expensive problem.

If there is a critical timeline ensure the shipper is responsible for delivering a door to door service. Large courier companies tracking systems are usually very reliable however on the odd occasion that a shipment goes astray or gets stuck in customs it can be difficult to establish clear timescales for the resolution of an issue when the ‘computer says no’.

A specialist who has contacts along the shipping route will be able to proactively ensure that any issues along the way are quickly understood and in the case of goods held in customs expedite paperwork and payments of duty to get shipments released for delivery.

5. Special Insurance cover.

Many larger companies will self-insure however for smaller companies a hiccup in shipping a  large value item could make a serious dent in the company’s profits and cash flow. Standard shipment insurance may not be enough to recover all costs in case of loss or damage. Specialist insurance cover will be available to ensure you recover 100% of the system cost and options may be available to recover other additional costs as a result of shipping delays.

Our products and services help our clients both solve and prevent crime.

Our Faraday Bags, guarantee the security of evidence, protect important files and safeguard key information during transit. Whether it’s on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or key fob, we’re the UK’s number one provider of active RF shielding.



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