What is a Cell Tower, and What Kind of Radiation Does it Emit?

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A cell tower (also known as a cell site) is a structure, containing an antenna, which is used for transmissions in a cellular network. A cellular network allows us to use our mobile phones for wireless communication, such as calling, texting, or using data, within the covered area. Normally, they are placed within 500m - 2km of each other to ensure good reception.


                            A cell tower in a residential neighbourhood

However, these towers all emit a large amount of high-frequency EMR (electromagnetic radiation). While it is invisible, tasteless, and scentless, high exposure to this sort of radiation is often associated with severe health consequences. According to the Bioinitiative Report, an independent and international scientific investigation into the long-term effects of EMR exposure, people who live or work in close proximity to cell towers have a significantly greater risk of developing cancers such as Leukemia or brain tumours. Other health consequences which have been linked to constant EMR exposure as a result of cell towers include headaches, reduced immune function, and even Alzheimer's disease.

This is especially risky for people living in urban areas and cities with high population-density. Companies will often place these cell towers on the roofs of apartment buildings, or construct them very close to the building. While it is possible to force a company to move their towers, this is a very difficult and time-consuming effort.


Cell towers can often be hidden on the sides of buildings, with residents unaware that they are there


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